Do men really have it easy or is it that they know how to take it easy?

Sometimes I think they know the secret to inner peace.


The Early Bird Gets Her Worm?!

Does it seem that most women that are married before they are thirty met they husband in high school or college? Why do you think it is? I think there is something to be said about a woman that seeks out a relationship during what some might say is too early in life. I first thought it was simply because they pursued marriage as a short term goal. It was right in line with finding a job after receiving their diploma or degree. Then I realized it was much than that – it was a numbers game. A man’s options increase from high school to college and from college to out in the world.  Think about it. How large was your high school class? If you attend college, how large was the college population? Now think about how many people are in your city or metropolitan? So, is the old adage is true – “The early bird does catch the worm”?

The answer I believe is Yes and No. The reality is as grow older  or mature our social circles become smaller.  Find something you are interested in, become part of that social circle, and your relationship probability increases. What are your thoughts?

If Men are like Buses…

I know. I know. It has been said before but does not make it any less true. Strangely enough, I got this from a man talking about women.  I have found men truly believe this and live by it. Some women ,on the other hand, know it but do not believe it. Why do you think that is?

If a man is running away is he making what should be a extremely clear statement that he no longer wants to be with you. This can be hard to accept because you are probably in love him but acceptance will save a long drawn out time of pain and heartache.

Also, if the price to ride his bus continues to go up he giving the signal that are not his desired patron or he is testing your limits before you go broke. Follow your intuition is normally right.

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